Porn Game: Erodraw Harem Villa version 0.7 beta2

You are starting College and your mother is newly director of a Villa just next to this College. Your job is to offer to College girls a chamber and make them taking good time in there. You discovered that a Demon is living under your room... She kindly asked you to help her in exchange of of destroying you... Now, to preserve their life, You will be obligated to make... things with them... If only people would know how big your sacrifice is...
v0.7 Beta 2:

2 new events with Dibela (1 each Sunday)
1 new event with Marcella (her 5th)
2 new event with Aiko (3rd and 4th that is split into 2 parts)
2 new events involving Isabelle and Sandra that is the next episode of « the week end with Isabelle »
Next episode of the grand Quest
It brings 7 high quality animations (in order to make it perfect I used the base of Stimuli’s animations)


New system of loading, it should make the game work again for many people that couldn’t play it anymore, if it was your case, try it!
Many bugs have been fixed, like the photo system that works again. It seems that there is also a bug that block an event of Isabelle and Lexa to trigger, if that’s the case, save, close and load again the game, I added a function on the start the fix this specific case. (I personally didn’t succeed to trigger this bug)

EDIT: I deleted the loading system because it was worse for weak computers. I optimised Images and deleted many useless stuff, so the game’s weight has been divided by 2 ^^ Be sure to get the « Beta 2 »

Erodraw Harem Villa version 0.7 beta2