Aware On Credit Budget: Deletion Is Saving


First of all, I want to wish you all the best for 2019. On a (financially) healthy and happy new year! Although 1 January is actually a day like everyone else, a fresh, new year motivates many to make good intentions. Lose weight, save, exercise, it is the usual intentions that you hear a lot in this time. That is why January is often a very busy month in the gym. But my gym has one less member in 2019, because I canceled my subscription.

I like sports. That has not always been the case, but around 2009 I became infected with the sport virus and since then I have been active regularly. Running I do outside, but I also liked to come to the gym. Bodypump, pilates or yoga, I mainly followed group lessons. But a gym membership such as mine cost me 40 euros a month. And since I consciously pay attention to my budget, I increasingly wondered if I did not want to save or save that amount.


Free sports and sporting windfall


Saving is saving


I decided to orientate online for free sports programs. And they prove to be enough! Because I have been sporting regularly for almost 10 years, I know the exercises well. The risk of injuries is therefore small, because through experience I know the right attitude for the sports that I like to practice.

On YouTube you can find whole collections of strength training, yoga and other sports. Clearly explained and completely free. There are also a lot of training schedules on Pinterest with pictures and explanations to download, all for nop. The plethora of online workouts pulled me over to finish my gym subscription. There I got a sporty windfall as a gift.

At my gym you must physically make your cancellation at the desk. So it happened. The employee asked why I wanted to cancel my subscription. I answered honestly: for budget reasons. He did not ask, but noted my reason in the system. My subscription would, in principle, continue for two months, so I expected that these would still be debited.

So great was my surprise when this did not happen. When I called to ask for clarification, the finance department told me that, given my reason for termination (budget), I wanted to be lenient and therefore immediately terminated my subscription. Sporty windfall!


Delete = save


Delete = save


In my earlier blogs I told you that I save money by bringing my own lunch to my work. But also unnecessary impulse purchases and thoughtless shopping have been almost completely removed from my system. In addition, I have once taken a critical look at a number of subscriptions and have made #money plans to save in 2019.


My #money intentions for 2019

My #money intentions for 2019

In the past period I have completely canceled these items or reduced costs.

  • My mobile phone subscription converted to a SIM-only subscription.
    Savings? € 17 per month.
  • Our all-in-one subscription for television, landline and internet converted to just an internet subscription.
    Savings? € 30 per month.

Calling with the in-house telephone never happened anyway (anymore), but I was somewhat hesitant about canceling the television. What seems? I do not miss anything. You can (almost) view everything online.

  • As mentioned, the gym has been completely deleted.
    Savings? € 40 per month.
  • From 1 January we have to keep the house clean ourselves, because the costs for a cleaning lady have also been scrapped.
    Savings? € 150 per month.

This is honestly admitted the savings that I personally see the most against. I work 32 hours a week, just like my partner. We have a busy family life, both hobbies that demand time (such as sports) and that means we spend around 4 hours a week on free time to clean our house from now on.

Of course I realize very well that saving by removing a cleaning lady is based on the luxury position to (be able to) pay a cleaning lady anyway. But from 2019 I will roll up my sleeves myself. The saving is more valuable than looking up to the weekly cleaning. As you can see in the # money intentions video of my Nibud colleagues, I use this 150 euros per month to pay extra for our mortgage.


  • No more to the beauty salon.
    Savings? € 43 per month.

Also a saving in the luxury category. In 2018 I regularly visited a beauty salon for a pedicure, for example, or having my eyebrows dyed. After studying a lot of videos on YouTube and reading me in beauty blogs, I perform these treatments at home myself. I now paint not only my own eyebrows, but also the eyebrows of two friends. Actually, it is even cozier than a visit to the beauty salon. In addition, I decided to go to a budget hairdresser instead, instead of going to an expensive salon.

Saving is saving


Saving is saving


The savings on our cleaning lady goes directly to the repayment on our mortgage. The rest of my #geldvoornemens yields a saving of 130 euros per month. That amount goes to our savings account. After my first conscious budget month last September, we managed to save 530 euros that month for our personal buffer . I can now proudly announce that it has been successful every month since then to put aside the same amount!

€ 530

is the amount that we – since consciously on budget – have saved every month!

It gives a lot of satisfaction to see our savings grow. In my experience we still have a wonderful life, but then a little more conscious and more economical. Every Friday a weekly menu for a family plan that fits within the set Nibud shopping budget at € 84, bring your own lunch when we go out for a day out, do my own beauty treatments and no more television, does not feel like I have to bite on a stick.

The receipts of our weekly messages last week (two adults and a toddler).

In fact, if I am very honest, it secretly gives a kick to deliberately looking for alternatives. And maybe I’ll enjoy it too! Instead of going to the cinema, I organized a movie night with friends, where everyone had made goodies. While we ate pizza during the film, pajamas under a blanket on the couch, I realized that saving so far had actually only brought good things. For the first time in years we have a fine amount on our savings account, but also time activities that I enjoy more consciously.

We were also (financially) aware of the holidays. No unlimited mountains of gifts, the choice of second-hand alternatives in terms of toys and a predetermined budget, made our holidays together just as pleasant and pleasant, but financially responsible and sustainable.

Now that we are so busy with (save) saving, I am also curious whether we can also cut our energy costs. We have a corner house and I’m crazy about soaking up, so according to Nibud there is still room for improvement in the area of gas, water and light . That is a nice challenge for my next Aware budget blog.

Until next month!