5 Easy Ways to Increase Income




Being rich means you have to add income so you can make a lot of money. But not everyone knows how to increase income. Here are 5 easy ways to add income that make you more rich.

Many people want to get rich and multiply assets, but don’t find a way to earn more. Even though there are many ways to increase income. Here are 5 easy ways to increase income that many rich people make in getting money.

1. Reduce Expenditures


1. Reduce Expenditures

If you have been diligently buying food outside, try to hold back and replace it with food from your own food. Besides this is more healthy, it can also save your expenses.

Not only about food, you can also save money by reducing other unnecessary living costs such as the cost of the internet, cellphones or reducing the use of private cars. The more you live a simple lifestyle, the more money you can save.

2. Use the auto debit facility


2. Use the auto debit facility2. Use the auto debit facility


You can use the auto debit facility provided by the bank for automatic savings. The bank will transfer your money in a certain amount from the daily transaction account to the savings account. Thus, your money will be safe from reach. Because this facility makes you seem to forget the amount of money transferred automatically. So if you have had difficulty saving, use this facility huh!

3. Look for additional income


3. Look for additional income


Income that only has one alias source, it will make it difficult for you to make a lot of money. Therefore, start looking for additional income from now on. Whether it’s tangible side jobs, or can be through passive income.

Passive income has significant added value as additional income. You can start adding income with passive income through various methods such as stocks, building contracts, or investing in lending market businesses.


4. Take advantage of discounts and cashback

4. Take advantage of discounts and cashback


At present, many shops and minimarkets offer a certain amount of discounts and cashback. This is certainly very beneficial. You can save money by utilizing this discount and cashback offer.

Don’t forget to enter the amount of money earned from these discounts and cashback into your account so that your savings amount increases. Also, control your shopping desires to ensure your savings increase faster.


5. Don’t underestimate the change

5. Don

You often get a dime when shopping at a minimarket and like to waste it? Now change the habit. It’s better to collect coins in one jar. Without you knowing it, you will collect a lot of change at the end of the year.

Imagine if in a day you get a change of Rp1,000, then in a month you can collect as much as Rp30,000. What if it’s collected a year? Of course this will help increase your income, right?